Commonly ask Questions
How much does it cost ?

We have various plans and packages available, but a basic on site shoot will cost $100. For this you will receive 10 minutes flight time with whatever combination of snapshots or video  you desire. You will receive your own usb jump drive with your  content at the time of shooting.

How do I pay for my material

Cash or Credit Card is accepted for payment. Our banking software allows us to securely charge your debit or credit card on site. Emailed or printed receipt available.  Sorry no personal checks at this time.

What type of Drone do you use ?

We currently use DJI Phantom Drones. These professional UAD’s are safe, secure, and produce high quality images. Our pilots are experienced and knowledgeable. Our equipment is registered with the FAA.

Can I preview my images before purchase ?

Our drones show streaming video on a real time display. The pilot will ensure that we are capturing exactly what you desire. Multiple angles and altitudes encouraged for a diverse selection of images. Your satisfaction is our goal.

I have multiple properties or locations in mind, will I get a discount ?

Absolutely ! Our representative will discuss that when you book your shoot !

I’m ready to book a flight and shoot, what do I do ?

Just give us a call or email using the information on the contact page ! Thank you for choosing Western Arkansas Drone Images !

Are you legal and registered with the FAA ?

Yes we are ! Rules state that before using drones for commercial applications, pilots must be certified under the FAA Part 107 license. This includes satisfactory completion of the FAA sUAS exam. Our pilots proudly carry the required license issued by the FAA !